🌟 On June 10th, VUS and Binh Chanh District held an opening ceremony for an English competencies enhancement program for the district’s teaching staff. The program offers courses focusing on cultivating and updating advanced English language skills, thereby enhancing language competencies and professional expertise of primary and secondary school teachers in the area. It also serves as a platform for educators from various backgrounds to collaborate and learn from each other, benefiting the broader ELT community. 

🗣️ As a keynote presenter at the ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Huynh Ngoc Ha, Teaching Quality Manager at VUS Cong Hoa and Le Quang Dinh, introduced the concept of Whole Brain Teaching method for classroom management. This method enables teachers to better engage their students and facilitate more natural language learning. Through the workshop, teachers received practical strategies to enhance their classroom management skills and create a stimulating and motivating learning environment using dynamic techniques and positive reinforcement.

🔸 With over 8 years of teaching and a Master’s degree in TESOL, Ha, like many other teachers, initially struggled with classroom management. As the issue became more prevalent, she recognized a lack of focus on classroom management skills in teacher training. Therefore, through her presentation, she hopes to help address these concerns. She stated, “When I first began teaching English in 2016, I had difficulty keeping students attentive and motivated, often needing to raise my voice to get their attention. After implementing Whole Brain Teaching techniques, student engagement and retention of vocabulary and concepts improved significantly.”

✨ With programs like this, Ha believes that “VUS’ initiatives for professional development are commendable and essential. Its commitment to teacher development not only enhances individual teaching capabilities but also significantly contributes to the broader goal of improving educational standards and student success in public schools.”

🤩 With its expertise and understanding of modern English education needs, VUS looks forward to expanding collaborations to bring international-standard English programs to more Vietnamese teachers and students, thereby promoting English proficiency nationwide. Furthermore, embodying its commitment to elevate educational standards across broader horizons, VUS also updates the ELT community in Vietnam and neighboring regions with the latest knowledge and trends through events like TESOL 2024 where educators come together to exchange ideas and share best practices, thereby enriching the educational landscape.

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