Teaching English in Binh Duong

At VUS we have TEFL jobs available throughout Vietnam. For example, one of our more relaxed locations is the province of Binh Duong in southern Vietnam.

The province of Binh Duong

Binh Duong is a southern province with a population of around 2.5 million people. The province is conveniently located around 30 km north of the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city. This ideal location means that you can avoid the intense traffic and noise of the big province but also be close enough to enjoy the perks, if needed. The province has a rapidly growing economy with a focus on agriculture and manufacturing. In addition to this it has some of the best natural parks and areas of countryside in the south. 

Local Attractions

Hoi Khanh Pagoda is situated in Binh Duong province and is the location of the longest statue of Buddha in Asia. Additionally, Dai Nam theme park is one of the biggest and most famous in Vietnam and is located in Binh Duong. The park contains a huge zoo and water park with the biggest wave pool in Vietnam. In addition to this, Binh Duong is a fantastic location if you are interested in sports and hobbies like camping, golfing and cycling. 

Local Cuisine

As with most regions in Vietnam, Binh Duong offers a variety of famous dishes common in the south such as Pho (rice noodle broth with herbs and beef), Com Tam (broken rice usually served up with a pork chop, egg and pickled vegetables) and Banh mi (small and varied baguette sandwich). As an agricultural hub, Binh Duong is also renowned for its amazing and diverse selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans including durian, pomelo, mangosteen and cashews, to name but a few.

The VUS Centers in Binh Duong

VUS teaching jobs in Binh Duong are currently split into 2 centers located in the capital city of Thủ Dầu Một. As is expected with VUS, every location is modern and well equipped with top facilities and support teams. Every center is managed by a Training Quality Manager and has air-conditioning, computers, speakers and projectors in every classroom as well as a fully equipped teachers room to prepare in. 

Applying for a Teaching Job

You must be a native English speaker and have a bachelor degree and a teaching certificate to qualify for a teaching job in Binh Duong. Qualified applicants will need to attend an interview where they will be required to demonstrate their teaching skills. You can apply for a teaching job in Binh Duong by clicking the “APPLY NOW” button right below. 

Good luck! 

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