Teaching English in Ben Cat

At Welcome to VUS Bến Cát! This is our 82nd campus, a recent addition to the VUS family. VUS is a leader in the Vietnam ESL market, providing courses that meet international standards for all age and skill levels. Our campuses have top-notch facilities and a dedicated support team. Each center is managed by a Training Quality Manager and has air-conditioning, computers, speakers and projectors in every classroom, as well as a fully equipped teacher’s room to prepare in. You can now find these great opportunities here, with VUS in Ben Cat!


Bến Cát is about 50 km north of HCMC and is an up-and-coming area for growth. It’s located along route QL13, next to the Thị Tính River.

Convenience and Living Conditions

Living in Ben Cat, Vietnam, is a delightful blend of convenience and emerging excitement. When it comes to essentials, the town boasts a variety of supermarkets, including the popular Vinmart and Bach Hoa Xanh, ensuring you’re never far from your daily needs. For medical requirements, the modern My Phuoc Hospital stands ready to provide top-notch care. While the town may currently lack a sprawling shopping mall or cinema, the upcoming EcoLakes My Phuoc planned urban area promises to transform the landscape with its vibrant mall and commercial hub.


Accommodation options in Ben Cat offer both convenience and charm. From hotels with flexible monthly contracts to local apartments nestled in quiet neighborhoods, finding your ideal living space is an exciting prospect. Anticipation also builds for the housing options in the upcoming EcoLakes My Phuoc area, where park and waterfront views add an extra touch of allure.

Daily Transportation

Navigating the town is a breeze, with the option of zipping around on your own motorbike to explore its not-too-hectic streets. For those seeking a more leisurely option, Vinasun taxis and GrabBike services are readily available.


Ben Cat’s culinary scene is a feast for the senses, with local restaurants offering a variety of flavors. Keep an eye out for the evolving EcoLakes area, set to introduce well-loved international chains like Lotteria, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. And don’t forget to savor the local specialty—Ben Cat is renowned for its irresistibly tasty and crunchy sand.

While commercial coffee and tea shops are gradually finding their way into the town, local gems like Milano are already making their mark. Expect the scene to flourish as Ben Cat continues to expand, welcoming more big names to its growing repertoire.

Tourist Attractions

When it comes to leisure, Ben Cat has its share of attractions. Just 20 minutes south, Dai Nam Theme Park stands as a captivating wonderland with a zoo, amusement park, and more. For a tranquil escape, Phu An Bamboo Village offers a serene haven, boasting over 1500 bamboo plants of various species—a perfect retreat to immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature.

Special Events

As for special events and unique features, Ben Cat may play it cool for now, but with the town’s dynamic growth, who knows what surprises lie ahead? Excitement is undoubtedly in the air as Ben Cat continues to evolve into a lively and charming place to call home.

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