Meet Ms. Thuy Trang!


☁️ Back in the days, Thuy Trang used to be a timid girl who was shy of speaking English in front of her peers. This is because she grew up in a rural village where there were fewer chances for English study. Nevertheless, the challenges didn’t stop her from mastering the language that she’s teaching today. That’s why the saying “Where you come from doesn’t say who you are, what matters is how and where you go from there” is one of Trang’s favorite quotes.

☁️ Since Trang joined VUS Binh Minh campus in 2015, she has gained a great deal of teaching skills and experience through attending training workshops and even from observing her own students. Ms. Trang would adapt new methods of teaching if she found that her students could not understand a particular concept. Because of such enthusiasm and care that she puts in every lesson, she is very much loved by her students.

☁️ For Trang, being a teacher is an incredibly rewarding job because she not only has the chance to shape the way students learn but also help them shine in their own ways. Trang strongly believes that what comes from the heart goes to the heart. Seeing the twinkle in the students’ eyes when they understand the lesson is Trang’s greatest compliment as well as motivation.

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