😍 Rewinding back to the success of VUS in 2023, we are delighted to introduce our “LISTEN TO THE TEACHERS” series to express gratitude for the tireless efforts of our dedicated teachers. And the first person to kick off this series is Mr. Ryan Hales from VUS Nguyen Thi Minh Khai!

💟 As shared by Mr. Ryan Hales – an expatriate teacher at VUS Nguyen Thi Minh Khai: “With a passion for teaching, I have always aspired to guide students towards success. I started my career as a music teacher, but that doesn’t mean that I lacked experience in teaching English. Instead, this made me even more passionate and motivated to convey valuable knowledge to my students. I use a lot of games, as well as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods to help the children remember what they learn. In addition to that, I also like to ask a lot of questions so the children can come up with their own ideas and think deeply for their responses.

👏 During his time teaching at VUS, Mr. Ryan shared that his happiest memory is once helping his student to achieve her dream of studying abroad in New Zealand. And it became even more meaningful when, in addition to his help in the classroom, he also assisted his student in completing the application process for admission to her school.

💭 Speaking about this, the Teaching Quality Manager at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai campus expressed: “With the goal of creating the best quality lessons with VUS, Mr. Ryan always puts his heart into practicing pronunciation for students and spends a lot of time preparing teaching materials to deliver”.


✍️ Coming from a family with a tradition of teaching, Mr. Kaleb – an expatriate working at VUS Hoa Binh – was greatly inspired and recognized his passion for teaching at an early age.

❣️ To pursue his dream, Mr. Kaleb chose VUS as the place to nurture his love for teaching. With 5 years of working at VUS, he has shared that “I understand that learning English can be challenging for students. Therefore, I always integrate teamwork-oriented activities into my lessons to foster a sense of bonding in the class, thereby enhancing effective learning. Additionally, I also actively work on improving my proficiency in the Vietnamese language to gain a deeper understanding of their culture. From that, I can provide real-life examples that are easier for students to comprehend in the classroom.”

🤗 Mr. Kaleb said that he has many memorable moments from his time as a teacher, but the one that impressed him a lot was the development of his students to be more confident and gain higher scores. He was truly thrilled since all the effort he put in was worthwhile.

💌 Witnessing Mr. Kaleb’s efforts, the Teaching Quality Manager commented that “Mr. Kaleb always helps and brings positive energy to his students. He is very good at building relationships with students and patiently spends time helping them improve.”


✍️ With the desire to bring positive contributions to the community, especially sharing knowledge, Mr. John Dewhirst was inspired to be a dedicated teacher.

💓 With 7 years of experience at VUS An Duong Vuong, Mr. John said, “I always try to make students excited in my classes. I believe that it is an ineffective way to put all the knowledge in them. Instead, I could raise their interest by integrating game activities into lessons. After all, students are still just young children who need to be stimulated in the right way. And it is truly essential that I can put my real-life knowledge into lessons to help them learn English in the most natural way.’

🌞 Talking about memories with students, he shared a few examples: “Every day at VUS is a happy moment for me. It could be as simple as a funny story that a student tells the class or when a student I used to teach recognizes me.” 

💭 The Teaching Quality Manager at VUS An Duong Vuong expressed her thoughts on this: “Mr. John is a dedicated teacher; he always tries to explore the Vietnamese learning style to make the lessons more familiar to his students.”


🤗 Continuing the series “LISTEN TO THE TEACHERS” is the story of Ms. Shirly, who has been with VUS Nguyen Anh Thu for 9 years.

💓 As an experienced teacher, Ms. Shirly has shared that “My secret teaching method follows a student-centered approach. I always try to stimulate excitement in my classes by incorporating creative game activities. I believe from this approach, my students not only enhance their speaking skills but also cultivate other essential learning abilities, such as creativity, critical thinking, and self-assessment. Additionally, to boost their motivation, I even reward them with stickers when they get involved in discussions and answer my questions, which they can exchange for gifts.”

😘 Speaking about her most impressive story when teaching, Ms. Shirly expressed: “It can be challenging to teach special students, but that doesn’t mean I leave them behind. Instead, I make a sincere effort to help these students enhance their learning experience. There is one case that means a lot to me since I was helping an ADHD student to overcome his obstacles in class. From my rich teaching experiences, I could help create opportunities for him to organize games with me and coordinate with other activities to release his out-of-control energy.”

☀️ “I can see that Ms. Shirly is truly a dedicated teacher. All of her lessons are well-prepared by her in special ways. Through that she can organize classes effectively and bring quality learning time to her students” shared the Teaching Quality Manager at VUS Nguyen Van Thu.

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