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VUS prides itself on the academic quality it offers to students. To ensure that the academic quality remains high, we also focus on developing our teachers to become the best they can be by offering on-going support and training. With so many changes in the world of education, it is imperative that teachers keep up to date and are evolving with the times. VUS offers teachers the opportunity to improve their skills and become more accomplished, which is particularly helpful for new teachers as well as those seeking to make teaching their career.

Entrance workshops

Compulsory for new hires, to help them review teaching methodologies and classroom management.

Training workshops

Conducted by book authors whose books are used for programs at VUS or trainers sent by VUS educational affiliates.

In – house training sessions

Covering various topics related to VUS programs and preferred teaching methodologies.

Class observation & Feedback sessions

Arranged at different intervals during their employment.

Peer observation

Recommended for new hires during their probation.

VUS TESOL Conferences

VUS is the only English language institution to organize annual TESOL conferences for teachers of English all over Vietnam and South-East Asia. For twelve years on end, more than 24,500 teachers have gotten updated on the latest ELT trends and methodologies by world renowned ELT authorities. Click here for more information.