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Welcome to VUS Kon Tum! This is our 61st campus, a recent addition to the VUS family. VUS is a leader in the Vietnam ESL market, providing courses that meet international standards for all age and skill levels. Our campuses have top-notch facilities and a dedicated support team. Each center is managed by a Teaching Quality Manager and has air-conditioning, computers, speakers and projectors in every classroom, as well as a fully equipped teacher’s room to prepare in. You can now find these great opportunities here, with VUS Kon Tum!


Kon Tum can be found in the central highlands of Vietnam, about 300 km southwest of Da Nang. It sits at an elevation of approximately 525 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by the Dak Bla River valley. It’s a peaceful yet accessible destination for expats seeking a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Convenience and Living Conditions

Living in Kon Tum City provides a serene and comfortable lifestyle. The city is less commercialized than Vietnam’s larger urban centers, contributing to a slower pace of life that many expats find appealing. Essential services such as supermarkets, hospitals, and schools are available, although the selection may be more limited compared to bigger cities. The cost of living is relatively low, offering a high quality of life on a modest budget. The local community is known for its friendliness and traditional customs, creating a welcoming atmosphere for new residents.


Accommodation in Kon Tum City varies from modern apartments to traditional houses, catering to different preferences and budgets. Expats can find furnished apartments in the city center, offering amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and security. For those preferring a more authentic experience, renting a traditional Vietnamese house or a bungalow in the outskirts can be an attractive option. Rental prices are quite affordable, with a range of options to suit different lifestyles and needs.

Daily Transportation

Transportation in Kon Tum City is straightforward, with several options available to suit daily commuting needs. Motorbikes are the most popular mode of transport, providing flexibility and ease in navigating the city’s roads. Public buses are available, although they may not be as frequent as in larger cities. Taxis and ride-hailing services like Grab offer convenient alternatives for getting around. For short distances, bicycles are a viable and environmentally friendly option, allowing residents to enjoy the city’s scenic beauty.


Kon Tum City offers a diverse culinary experience that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Central Highlands. The local cuisine features a variety of dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Signature dishes include Com Lam (bamboo-tube rice) and Canh La Giang (sour leaf soup), which highlight the region’s unique flavors. Street food stalls, local markets, and restaurants provide a wide range of dining options, from quick and affordable meals to more elaborate dining experiences. Expats will find exploring Kon Tum’s culinary scene both enjoyable and enriching.

Tourist Attractions

Kon Tum City is home to numerous attractions that showcase its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The Wooden Church, a stunning example of French colonial architecture, is a must-visit. The city also boasts several ethnic minority villages, such as the Bahnar and Jarai communities, where visitors can experience traditional crafts and customs. 

The Kon Klor Suspension Bridge and the Dak Bla River offer picturesque views and opportunities for leisurely walks. Additionally, the surrounding highlands provide excellent hiking and trekking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Special Events

Kon Tum City hosts a variety of special events and festivals throughout the year that reflect its rich cultural heritage. The most notable is the annual Ethnic Minority Culture Festival, which features traditional music, dance, and crafts from the region’s diverse ethnic groups. The Lunar New Year (Tet) is celebrated with vibrant festivities, including parades, fireworks, and traditional performances. These events offer expats a chance to engage with the local community and experience the unique traditions and customs of the Central Highlands, making their stay in Kon Tum both memorable and enriching.

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